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OP modular
Modular power proponent and industry leader, Siemens high reliable 24 V modular
Power brilliantly to meet the requirements for use in extremely harsh conditions in the world. The power supply products
Has a metal shell, can be firmly mounted in a standard rail, it can be easily extended
SITOP DC UPS modules as well as other expansion modules. This modular design, not only
Flexibility and easy operation, all customers in the cost and other aspects brought no and
Unparalleled benefits.
Even without the expansion module, SITOP power basic unit still has a wide range of functions. Wide
The range of voltage inputs can be its application in most areas of the world, even different supply
Electric networks, but can also compensate for the large voltage fluctuations in order to ensure a stable output
Voltage. While the short grid power interruptions can still maintain a certain time of the DC power input
A. The output current of 5 A and 10 A single-phase SITOP power has a very wide range of electric
The input voltage, and thus can also be applied in the two-phase or three-phase power grid.
The new SITOP power has impressively proved that even if the output current up to 20 A
And 40 A large capacity power still do not need to take up a lot of space, its width is only
70 mm and 150 mm, in the same capacity and performance of other manufacturers of similar
productsThe most compact.
Design no matter how compact SITOP modular power still has a strong performance, due to
Can still provide a high degree of security in a short time, not only can provide up to three times.
Rated current, overload capacity of 1.5 times the rated current for 5 s. Therefore,
With no load starting current. Overload, either choose
AutomaticDirectory start can also choose to turn off the power.


6EP1311-1SH03 Simatic PP
6EP1311-1SH13 Simatic PP
6EP1321-1SH03 Simatic PP
6EP1322-1SH03 Simatic PP
6EP1331-1SH03 Simatic PP
6EP1332-1SH43 Simatic PP
6EP1332-1SH52 Simatic PP
6EP1351-1SH03 Simatic PP
6EP1352-1SH03 Simatic PP
6EP1332-1SH71 Simatic PP
6ES7148-4PC00-0HA0 Simatic PP
6EP1971-1BA00 Simatic PP
6ES7305-1BA80-0AA0 Simatic PP
6ES7307-1BA01-0AA0 Simatic PP
6ES7307-1EA01-0AA0 Simatic PP
6ES7307-1EA80-0AA0 Simatic PP
6ES7307-1KA02-0AA0 Simatic PP
6ES7390-6BA00-0AA0 Simatic PP
6ES7390-7BA00-0AA0 Simatic PP
6EP1332-1LA00 Simatic PP
6EP1332-1LA10 Simatic PP
6EP1437-1SH01 Obsolete PP
6EP1332-1SH31 SITOP
6EP1333-1AL12 SITOP
6EP1334-1AL12 SITOP
6EP1332-2BA00 SITOP
6EP1333-3BA00 SITOP
6EP1333-3BA00-8AC0 SITOP
6EP1334-3BA00 SITOP
6EP1334-3BA00-8AB0 SITOP
6EP1336-3BA00 SITOP
6EP1336-3BA00-8AA0 SITOP
6EP1336-3BA10 SITOP
6EP1337-3BA00 SITOP
6EP1436-3BA00 SITOP
6EP1436-3BA00-8AA0 SITOP
6EP1436-3BA01 Obsolete PP
6EP1436-3BA10 SITOP
6EP1437-3BA00 SITOP
6EP1437-3BA00-8AA0 SITOP
6EP1437-3BA01 Obsolete PP
6EP1437-3BA10 SITOP
6EP1456-3BA00 SITOP
6EP1457-3BA00 SITOP
6EP1437-3BA20 SITOP
6EP1424-3BA00 SITOP
6EP1961-3BA10 SITOP
6EP1961-2BA00 SITOP
6EP1961-2BA11 SITOP
6EP1961-2BA20 Obsolete PP
6EP1961-2BA21 SITOP
6EP1931-2DC21 SITOP
6EP1931-2DC31 SITOP
6EP1931-2DC42 SITOP
6EP1931-2EC21 SITOP
6EP1931-2EC31 SITOP
6EP1931-2EC42 SITOP
6EP1931-2FC21 SITOP
6EP1931-2FC42 SITOP
6EP1933-2EC41 SITOP
6EP1933-2EC51 SITOP
6EP1933-2NC01 SITOP
6EP1933-2NC11 SITOP
6EP1935-5PG01 SITOP
6EP1935-6MC01 SITOP
6EP1935-6MD11 SITOP
6EP1935-6MD31 SITOP
6EP1935-6ME21 SITOP
6EP1935-6MF01 SITOP
6EP1975-2ES00 SITOP
6EP1961-3BA00 Obsolete PP
6EP1961-3BA01 SITOP
6EP1961-3BA20 Obsolete PP
6EP1961-3BA21 SITOP
6EP1967-2AA00 SITOP
6EP1935-6MF01-0AA0 SITOP
6EP1964-2BA00 SITOP
6EP1962-2BA00 SITOP
6EP1961-2BA41 SITOP
6EP1961-2BA31 SITOP
6EP1332-2BA10 SITOP
6EP1333-2AA01 SITOP
6EP1333-2BA01 SITOP
6EP1334-2AA01 SITOP
6EP1334-2AA01-0AB0 SITOP
6EP1334-2BA01 SITOP
6EP1434-2BA10 SITOP
6EP1436-2BA10 SITOP
6EP1437-2BA20 SITOP
6EP1336-2BA10 SITOP
6EP1332-2BA20 SITOP
6EP1333-2BA20 SITOP
6EP1334-2BA20  SITOP
6EP1322-2BA00 SITOP
6EP1323-2BA00  SITOP
6EP1332-1LB00 SITOP
6EP1333-1LB00 SITOP
6EP1334-1LB00 SITOP
6EP1321-5BA00 SITOP
6EP1322-5BA10 SITOP
6EP1331-5BA00 SITOP
6EP1331-5BA10 SITOP
6EP1332-5BA00 SITOP
6EP1332-5BA10 SITOP
6EP1332-5BA20 SITOP
6EP1971-5BA00 SITOP
6EP1536-3AA00 SITOP
6EP1232-1AA00 SITOP
6EP1232-1AA10 SITOP
6EP1233-1AA00 SITOP
6EP1234-1AA00 SITOP
6EP1731-2BA00 SITOP
6EP1353-0AA00 SITOP
6EP1353-2BA00 SITOP
6EP1433-2CA00 SITOP
6EP1621-2BA00 SITOP
6EP1971-1AA01 SITOP
6EP1971-2BA00 SITOP
6EP1252-0AA01 SITOP
6EP1433-0AA00 SITOP
6EP0123-2AA00-0AA0 Obsolete PP
6EP0123-2AA00-0AB0 Obsolete PP
6EP0123-3AA00-0AB0 Obsolete PP
6EP0123-4AA00-0AB0 Obsolete PP
6EP1321-1LD00 Direct Mount
6EP1322-1LD00 Direct Mount
6EP1331-1LD00 Direct Mount
6EP1332-1LD00 Direct Mount
6EP1332-1LD10 Direct Mount
6EP1333-1LD00 Direct Mount
6EP1334-1LD00 Direct Mount
6EP1332-1SH12 Obsolete PP
6EP1332-1SH22 Obsolete PP
6EP1334-1SH01 Obsolete PP
6EP1334-2CA00 Obsolete PP
6EP1354-1AL01 Obsolete PP
6EP1434-2BA00 Obsolete PP
6EP1436-2BA00 Obsolete PP
6EP1437-2BA00 Obsolete PP
6EP1437-2BA10 Obsolete PP
6EP1536-2AA00 Obsolete PP
6EP1632-1AL01 Obsolete PP
6EP1931-2FC01 Obsolete PP
6EP1971-2CA00 Obsolete PP
6EP1311-1SH02 Obsolete PP
6EP1311-1SH12 Obsolete PP
6EP1321-1SH02 Obsolete PP
6EP1322-1SH02 Obsolete PP
6EP1331-1SH02 Obsolete PP
6EP1332-1SH42 Obsolete PP
6EP1332-1SH51 Obsolete PP
6EP1351-1SH02 Obsolete PP
6EP1352-1SH02 Obsolete PP
6EP1331-2BA10 Obsolete PP
6ES7307-1BA00-0AA0 Obsolete PP
6ES7307-1EA00-0AA0 Obsolete PP
6ES7307-1KA01-0AA0 Obsolete PP
6EP1336-2BA00 Obsolete PP
6EP1456-2BA00 Obsolete PP
6EP1732-0AA00 Obsolete PP
6EP1961-2BA10 Obsolete PP
6EP1931-2DC41 Obsolete PP
6EP1931-2EC41 Obsolete PP
6EP1931-2FC41 Obsolete PP
6EP1534-1SL01 Obsolete PP
6EP1536-1SL01 Obsolete PP
6EP1331-2BA00 Obsolete PP
6EP1333-2AA00 Obsolete PP
6EP1333-2BA00 Obsolete PP
6EP1334-2AA00 Obsolete PP
6EP1334-2BA00 Obsolete PP
6EP1336-1SH01 Obsolete PP
6ES7307-1KA00-0AA0 Obsolete PP
6EV4300-0CC Obsolete PP
6EV5000-1BC Obsolete PP
6EV5001-2BC Obsolete PP
6EV5002-0BC Obsolete PP
6EV5003-0AC Obsolete PP
6EV5006-0BC Obsolete PP
6EV5100-3AC Obsolete PP
6EW1380-0AB Obsolete PP
6EW1380-1AB Obsolete PP
6XB9798-0SV00 Obsolete PP
6EP1252-0AA00 Obsolete PP
6XX3081 Simatic Top Connect
6EP5100-1AA00 Simatic Top Connect
6EP5115-1AA00 Simatic Top Connect
6EP5115-5AA00 Simatic Top Connect
6EP5135-1AA00 Simatic Top Connect
6EP5135-5AA00 Simatic Top Connect
6EP5200-2BC50 Simatic Top Connect
6EP5200-2BD20 Simatic Top Connect
6EP5200-2BF00 Simatic Top Connect
6EP5215-2BD20 Simatic Top Connect
6EP5215-2BF00 Simatic Top Connect
6EP5215-5BC00 Simatic Top Connect
6EP5215-5BC50 Simatic Top Connect
6EP5235-2BD20 Simatic Top Connect
6EP5235-2BF00 Simatic Top Connect
6EP5235-5BC00 Simatic Top Connect
6EP5235-5BC50 Simatic Top Connect
6EP5300-1BC00 Simatic Top Connect
6EP5300-1BC50 Simatic Top Connect
6EP5300-5BC00 Simatic Top Connect
6EP5300-5BC50 Simatic Top Connect
6EP5301-2BB00 Simatic Top Connect
6EP5301-2BC00 Simatic Top Connect
6EP5301-2BC50 Simatic Top Connect
6EP5301-5BB00 Simatic Top Connect
6EP5301-5BC00 Simatic Top Connect
6EP5301-5BC50 Simatic Top Connect
6EP5301-6BC50 Simatic Top Connect
6EP5301-6BF00 Simatic Top Connect
6EP5306-5BG00 Simatic Top Connect
6EP5400-1AA00 Simatic Top Connect
6EP5400-1AB00 Simatic Top Connect
6EP5400-1BA00 Simatic Top Connect
6EP5400-1BB00 Simatic Top Connect
6EP5400-2BA00 Simatic Top Connect
6EP5400-5AA00 Simatic Top Connect
6EP5400-5AB00 Simatic Top Connect
6EP5400-5BA00 Simatic Top Connect
6EP5400-5BB00 Simatic Top Connect
6EP5406-5AA00 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7921-3AA00-0AA0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7921-3AA20-0AA0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7921-3AB00-0AA0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7921-3AB20-0AA0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7921-3AC00-0AA0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7921-3AD00-0AA0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7921-3AF00-0AA0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7921-3AF20-0AA0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7921-3AG00-0AA0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7921-3AG20-0AA0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7921-3AH00-1AA0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7921-3AH20-1AA0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7921-3AJ20-0AA0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7921-3AK20-0AA0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7921-3AL20-0AA0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7921-3AM20-0AA0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7921-3BE10-0AA0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7921-4AA00-0AA0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7921-4AB00-0AA0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7921-4AC00-0AA0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7921-4AD00-0AA0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7921-4AF00-0AA0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7921-4AG00-0AA0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7922-3BC50-0AB0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7922-3BC50-0AC0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7922-3BC50-0AF0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7922-3BC50-0AG0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7922-3BC50-5AB0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7922-3BC50-5AC0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7922-3BD00-0AM0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7922-3BD00-0AN0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7922-3BD00-0AS0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7922-3BD00-0AT0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7922-3BD00-0AU0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7922-3BD00-0BA0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7922-3BD00-0BB0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7922-3BD01-0AM0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7922-3BD20-0AB0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7922-3BD20-0AC0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7922-3BD20-0AF0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7922-3BD20-0AG0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7922-3BD20-0UB0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7922-3BD20-0UC0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7922-3BD20-5AB0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7922-3BD20-5AC0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7922-3BF00-0AB0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7922-3BF00-0AC0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7922-3BF00-0AF0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7922-3BF00-0AG0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7922-3BF00-0UB0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7922-3BF00-0UC0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7922-3BF00-5AB0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7922-3BF00-5AC0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7922-3BJ00-0AM0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7922-3BJ00-0AN0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7922-3BJ00-0AS0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7922-3BJ00-0AT0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7922-3BJ00-0AU0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7922-3BJ00-0BA0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7922-3BJ00-0BB0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7922-3BJ01-0AM0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7922-4BC50-0AD0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7922-4BC50-0AE0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7922-4BC50-5AD0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7922-4BC50-5AE0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7922-4BD20-0AD0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7922-4BD20-0AE0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7922-4BD20-0UD0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7922-4BD20-5AD0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7922-4BD20-5AE0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7922-4BF00-0AD0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7922-4BF00-0AE0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7922-4BF00-0UD0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7922-4BF00-5AD0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7922-4BF00-5AE0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7922-5BC50-0AK0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7922-5BC50-0AL0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7922-5BF00-0AK0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7922-5BF00-0AL0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7923-0BA50-0CB0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7923-0BB00-0CB0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7923-0BB00-0DB0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7923-0BB50-0CB0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7923-0BC00-0CB0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7923-0BC00-0DB0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7923-0BC50-0CB0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7923-0BC50-0DB0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7923-0BD00-0CB0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7923-0BD00-0DB0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7923-0BE00-0CB0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7923-0BE00-0DB0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7923-0BF00-0CB0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7923-0BF00-0DB0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7923-0CD00-0AA0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7923-0CD00-0BA0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7923-0CG00-0AA0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7923-0CG00-0BA0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7923-2CD00-0AA0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7923-2CG00-0AA0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7924-0AA00-0AA0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7924-0AA00-0AB0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7924-0AA00-1AA0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7924-0AA00-1AB0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7924-0AA10-0AA0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7924-0AA10-0AB0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7924-0AA10-0BA0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7924-0AA10-0BB0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7924-0BB00-0AA0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7924-0BB00-0AB0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7924-0BB00-1AA0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7924-0BB00-1AB0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7924-0BB10-0AA0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7924-0BB10-0AB0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7924-0BB10-0BA0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7924-0BB10-0BB0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7924-0BD10-0BA0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7924-0BD10-0BB0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7924-0BE10-0BA0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7924-0BE10-0BB0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7924-0BF10-0BA0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7924-0BF10-0BB0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7924-0CA00-0AA0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7924-0CA00-0AB0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7924-0CA00-1AA0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7924-0CA00-1AB0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7924-0CA10-0AA0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7924-0CA10-0AB0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7924-0CA10-0BA0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7924-0CA10-0BB0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7924-0CC00-0AA0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7924-0CC00-0AB0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7924-0CC00-1AA0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7924-0CC00-1AB0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7924-0CC10-0AA0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7924-0CC10-0AB0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7924-0CD00-0AA0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7924-0CD00-0AB0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7924-1AA10-0AA0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7924-1AA10-0AB0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7924-1AA10-0BA0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7924-1AA10-0BB0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7928-0AA00-0AA0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7928-1BA00-0AA0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7928-2AB00-0AA0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7928-2BB00-0AA0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7928-3AA00-4AA0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7928-3BA00-4AA0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7928-3CA00-4AA0 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7928-3DA00-4AA0 Simatic Top Connect
6XP1800 Simatic Top Connect
6XP1802 Simatic Top Connect
6XP1806 Simatic Top Connect
6XP1808 Simatic Top Connect
6XP1830 Simatic Top Connect
6XP1840 Simatic Top Connect
6XP1841 Simatic Top Connect
6XP1843 Simatic Top Connect
6XP1848 Simatic Top Connect
6XP1850 Simatic Top Connect
6XP1851 Simatic Top Connect
6XP1852 Simatic Top Connect
6XP1853 Simatic Top Connect
6XP1854 Simatic Top Connect
6XP1855 Simatic Top Connect
6XP1857 Simatic Top Connect
6XP1862 Simatic Top Connect
6XP1863 Simatic Top Connect
6XP1865 Simatic Top Connect
6XP1870 Simatic Top Connect
6XP1871 Simatic Top Connect
6XP1872 Simatic Top Connect
6XP1892 Simatic Top Connect
6XP1893 Simatic Top Connect
6XP1896 Simatic Top Connect
6XX3004 Simatic Top Connect
6XX3070 Simatic Top Connect
6XX3071 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7921-4BF00-0AA1 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7921-4BF00-0AB1 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7921-4BC50-0AA1 Simatic Top Connect
6ES7921-4BC50-0AB1 Simatic Top Connect


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